Your goods in safe hands.

On numerous occasions there is a need for storing goods either because they will be shipped later or in order to reduce the delivery costs by using groupage. That is why we offer a national and international service concerning warehousing, groupage and distribution.

Our main offices are located in the key places of Spain: Extremadura, Madrid and Catalonia. 

We have more than 15.000 square metres available assigned to storage our customer’s goods while providing a personalised service. Thanks to our qualified system and staff, the handling of the freight is safe and efficient.

The facilities also have 24 hours security service, as well as preventive measures to storage foodstuffs and A.D.R goods.

24H Security

Your freight is safe in our 24/365 surveilled storages.


Check anytime status, expected date and time of the delivery as well as available options concerning your freight.

Looking for a place to storage your goods?

With our long term warehousing service you can storage your freight in our facilities. Once you need to transport any of the pallets you just need to let us know which one and the delivery destination you wish it to be shipped to.

Regional Rutes

With our fixed regional routes it has never been more effective to transport your freight. We offer an immediate collection and direct delivery service on the same day.